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I'm Thomas Cannon. I write code for a living, plus I draw & cook

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Sunday Papers

A screenshot of 'Sunday Papers', my skeleton template for nanoc
A screenshot of "Sunday Papers"

I love webcomics, and empowering creators, and it’s really bummed me out that setting up a simple webcomic is so difficult nowadays (you don’t need much!)

Owning your platform is essential for the health of the web, and static sites are a great tool for that.

I finally decided to do something about it: I’ve made a modern template for webcomics using Nanoc my favorite static site generator.

If you have a comic you’d like to donate to help show it can be used in the real world, please reach out! You’d get a direct link + attribution + a blurb; obviously. 😊

Learning to draw

I’m learning to draw for the first time as an adult. I don’t really have anything to share yet, but I hope to be able to make comics & pixel art soon. It’s a big challenge, but I’m having fun with it!

Game development with DragonRuby

As a Rubyist for over 7 years (yowza), DragonRuby is an interesting tool to play around with. I’ll be posting my notes as I learn new things, and probably showing little demos.