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Hi, I'm Thomas Cannon!

I work on Noko with Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs, and I teach people how to add an extra layer of polish to their work. Previously I worked for BMW and Clemson University, and have a bunch of smaller apps I tinker with on the side. Follow me on Twitter!

Running a live chatroom doesn't have to suck

Do you get cold sweats when you think about your live chatroom? Feel like your customers aren’t happy when they leave? Are you taking up way too much time doubling back on simple mistakes or crossed wires? Have that one customer who keeps coming back like an 80’s horror movie franchise?

Your customers love your app and support team. You know it takes a while for new workflows to shake out, and every type of support is different. But you can’t stop that one question from nagging you constantly:

Is our live chatroom the worst form of support we offer?

You’ve seen other companies rock at live support and you know your customers would really benefit from it… so what’s missing? Why are you struggling?

Imagine if you felt totally in your element working the chatroom! Not only would customers leave happy, you aren’t stopping mid-stream because you forgot to explain a crucial step. And that ol’ regular in the chatroom stops coming by, because they’re too busy kicking ass with your app!

You rock at emailing customers, but you shake in your boots when someone hops in the chatroom. But with a little help, you’ll be able to knock it out of the park so customers end with

Why didn’t I come to you in the first place? I got exactly what I needed!

Instead of

K. bye

Learn how to be AWESOME at customer support in a live chatroom with my free survival guide. Know how to find out exactly what a customer needs help with. Buy yourself some breathing room with a single sentence. Understand the importance of actively empathizing with the customer in the moment, and learn how to show them that you really care about their problem. Eliminate regulars in your chatroom by teaching them while you fix their problem.

With this guide, you’ll be able to give chatroom support that’s as good, or better, than every other form of support you offer.